How To “Shut Off” a Cat According to Science

If your cat is anything like mine, for one hour of the day (every day) and for NO apparent reason, it will take supreme pleasure in tearing up your couches, running from one end of the apartment to the other and generally acting like a drug-crazed hippie at a trance party. The other 23 hours of the day it’ll spend sleeping and being anti-social. So, it’s when your cat sinks into its daily delirium that you can make use of the following nifty trick called “clipnosis” – the official way to hit your cats “off” button, according to science!

Video Source: “Cat Clipnosis | Outrageous Acts of Science” Uploaded by Science Channel to YouTube channel

Calm Your Cat With “Species Specific” Music!

Cat music

If your cat is more of a psychopath than you’d like to admit – and I know, because I have one of those – try playing the little critter some cat music! According to the exceptionally talented David Teie, human music simply won’t make the cut because its backbone is the drum beat, which is reminiscent of our experience in the womb. Here, the soundtrack to our development was our mother’s heartbeats. Cats, however, relate far better to purring and the mewling sounds of nursing kittens. Whip that into a song and you’ve got an aural elixir that is sure to calm your rambunctious kitty down.

Video Source: “Composer Creates Music Just for Cats and They Love It – Listen Here” Uploaded by IBTimes UK to YouTube channel

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