Earth 2.0 – Plan B for Mankind

Looks like there might just be a Plan B for when we eventually gas ourselves out of our own planet or those apocalyptic zombie films finally make good on their promise to obliterate mankind. Astronomers have discovered a planet that – upon preliminary investigation – would appear to be so similar to our own that there’s a very real possibility it could be fit for human habitation. This comes as great news, because by the time we are forced to move planets (and the technology for interstellar travel has been invented), local asteroid-defeating hero, Bruce Willis, will be long dead. Hooray for Plan B!

Video Source: “Could we move to Earth 2.0?” uploaded by Science Channel to YouTube channel

Author: Thea Beckman

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9 thoughts on “Earth 2.0 – Plan B for Mankind”

  1. When we get there, we’ll find artifacts that suggest it was actually Earth 1.0, and we’d been on Earth 2.0 the whole time.

    Hmmm, I should probably pitch this as a movie idea. Maybe have some robots named Cylons in it as well.

    Thanks for the info, as always!

  2. And then after five years, we need to change planet again… ^^ Earth 2.1 or “seriosly, the last planet we destroy” 😉

    1. I have a little more faith in the positive changes that humans are bringing about (not that they are reported by mainstream media and its obsession with doom-n-gloom soundbites, and ‘reality’ TV)

      Even so, why can’t we have it both ways? Be ethical custodians of the planet we have, and be adventurous enough to spread our wings.

      I see the hard work needed to bring about both scenarios, but why not do it anyway? 🙂

      1. Yea, both ways, would be cool, but I think, that people are not willing to pay more for or to give more, for protecting the planet. If, our technology would be another one. But it is a really good thought 🙂

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