Incredible Footage of the 2004 Tsunami

In this exceptional documentary, homemade videos recorded by people caught in the devastating 2004 earthquake and tsunami are stitched together to tell the story. Part 1 is more background than anything else, but scroll down to Part 2 to see the earthquake hit Indonesia and then the tsunami. Part 3 shows this monstrous wall of water smack into one of Thailand’s most popular tourist resorts, Phuket.

This documentary is very well done and absolutely chilling to the point of disturbing. If your boss keeps staring over your shoulder at you, skip ahead to Part 2 and 3, because that’s where you’ll find the action! For the scoop on how Tsunami’s are caused, check out my blog post, Tsunami!

PART 1: Amazing Footage of the 2004 Tsunami

PART 2: Amazing Footage of the 2004 Tsunami

PART 3: Amazing Footage of the 2004 Tsunami


Author: Thea Beckman

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