Pluto is Avenged: Evidence of Ninth Planet Found!

Just when you got over the news that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, comes the compelling evidence that our solar system may indeed have a ninth planet that is considerably larger than Earth! The reason we haven’t picked up on its presence yet is because it lies a staggering distance from the sun and has an orbital period (time it takes to bumble its way around the sun) of 20,000 years! Check out the very interesting findings and discussions of the team at Caltech…

Video Source: “Evidence of a Ninth Planet” uploaded by caltech to YouTube channel

Author: Thea Beckman

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14 thoughts on “Pluto is Avenged: Evidence of Ninth Planet Found!”

  1. I still think Pluto should be a “standard” planet. And it’s pretty funny that Mike Brown, who played a part in demoting Pluto in 2006, was part of the team that discovered this new planet.

    1. *gasp* SCANDAL!

      But in all seriousness, Pluto hardly qualifies as a planet when you consider that the Kuiper belt beyond it consists of asteroids and space debris that are much bigger than it. If we allowed Pluto to be a planet, then we’d have to allow all the “micro-planets” in the Kuiper belt to join the party too and that would just be unmanageable! There just aren’t enough names in Greek and Roman mythology to go around!

      1. Well, it is hard to argue nostalgia against a classification system. So if you bring that into the argument, then I’ll have to acquiesce. lol

        But if it’s a name quantity issue, then we could move to more “conventional” names, such as the currently proposed name of “George” for the newly predicted Planet Nine. Or maybe Planet X…but then they may usher in the era of alien invasion.

    1. Well, the researchers said that this particular planet – should it exist – lies far beyond the orbits of our family of 8 planets. So I don’t think it ever really “passes through the neighbourhood.”

      1. But their argument is that the gravity from this 9th planet is what causes(d) the strange elliptical paths in our solar system, isn’t it? It stands to reason this planet would have passed through the neighbourhood at some point for this to happen.

      2. It doesn’t necessarily have to pass through our neighbourhood. Even from its vast distance, “planet 9” exerts a force of gravity, which affects the orbits of other bodies. Look at our sun and the fact that space debris, rocks and planets that lie billions of kilometres away are in orbit around it. Granted, the sun is a lot bigger than this planet – a hell of a lot bigger. I could be wrong though… that’s my understanding.

    1. Agreed! And in any case, it’s just a hypothesis at this point. I can’t imagine we should struggle to find this planet when we have the technology to see up to 15 billion light years into our surrounding universe. Although… might be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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