Sir David Attenborough Narrates Adele’s “Hello”

David Attenborough’s voice is the soundtrack to which we regard the natural world around us. With decades in the business of bringing us closer to nature, his voice is THE original iconic voice – more so than Morgan Freeman’s and dare I say Darth Vader’s. And now, because apparently he has a great sense of humour too, he’s lent his husky pipes to the narration of Adele’s new music video, which has made women (and the occasional man) everywhere flood their basements.

Video Source: BBC Radio 1 on YouTube Channel

Author: Thea Beckman

Domain Eukarya, kingdom Animalia (Metazoa), phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Primates, family Hominidae, genus Homo, species Homo sapiens, subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens... essentially. I have a Master's Degree in Atmospheric science, which doesn't entitle me to be generous with my opinion, but my sense of self importance does! I love writing, I love science, I love reading, but I'm not nuts about long walks on the beach. Short to medium walks are preferable. This is my blog and I have something important to say:

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