Getting Back On That Horse

Funny horse picture

Watch me whip, whip! Watch me neigh, neigh!

This blog has been somewhat of a beautiful, yet tumultuous relationship for me. We’ve had more break-ups than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and yet, undeniably, my life’s compass keeps pointing me back in the direction of science writing. Hopefully it won’t all end with us breaking up for good and me being arrested in Miami for drunken driving and assault.

Some of my more dedicated followers, fans and stalkers will recall that at the beginning of the year, I initiated a transition from “Why? Because Science” to a new entertainment website. This was to be a collaborative effort between a group of us with the end goal of creating a virtual space people could go to kill time by perusing our coffers of funny pictures, blow-your-mind videos and – of course – my awesome science blogs. However, upon viewing the vapid virtual fodder my colleagues were incessantly posting, I began experiencing mental allergies that had very real physical manifestations. The symptoms of this allergy included eye twitches, brain farts, hot ears and a tendency to channel great strings of obscenities at my phone every time I checked my news feed.

I don’t work very well in teams as a rule… but to share this virtual space with religious zealots, cute yet vacuous animal videos and puke-worthy inspirational quotes smashed through my tolerance boundaries. I want to write about science and the content I strive to share with my audience has got to be exceptional. Unfortunately, the intellectual standards I aspired to uphold were not compatible with those of my teammates and so, after transferring to this new website much of the amazing content I have worked on lovingly for years, I faced the rather embarrassing and depressing fact that it really wasn’t worth it.

I then flung myself into my daytime job, because I have this annoying habit of becoming Oprah when I go out on weekends and someone has to pay for the damage: “You get a tequila, YOU get a tequila, EVERYBODY GETS A TEQUILA!!” Now… all these months later, I feel the calling to pollute the virtual ether with my sciencey musings returning with a vengeance.

Here’s how it’s going to work…

I’m slowly, day by day, going to transfer all the content I sacrificed to that entertainment website BACK onto Why? Because Science. To many of you, these blogs will be familiar, but that’s okay… you’ve probably forgotten my bad tunafish analogies and crude Mexican food night jokes anyway. I will concurrently be working on some new material (Sweet Jesus!) so there will be ample entertainment for one and all. And, of course, I encourage you to share, comment, like and make your blog topic suggestions as always!

Until the next blog post drops, here’s something to keep you entertained…

Funny science pictures

Author: Thea Beckman

Domain Eukarya, kingdom Animalia (Metazoa), phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Primates, family Hominidae, genus Homo, species Homo sapiens, subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens... essentially. I have a Master's Degree in Atmospheric science, which doesn't entitle me to be generous with my opinion, but my sense of self importance does! I love writing, I love science, I love reading, but I'm not nuts about long walks on the beach. Short to medium walks are preferable. This is my blog and I have something important to say:

15 thoughts on “Getting Back On That Horse”

    1. If I had a penny for every good intention with a bad outcome I’ve had in my life, I’d be a millionaire and I would be able to retire on some beach somewhere with a Pina Colada in both hands. Alas! Your site is really quite interesting and you are devilishly handsome, albeit somewhat fuzzy.

      1. Well, bless my fur!
        This is probably why I like scientists’ blogs th best.
        Their writing is just as interesting as their experiments!

  1. Welcome back! I have a possible blog post for you – a question – is a ‘brain fart’ similar to another sort of fart, only a bit more conceptual and a bit less hydrogen sulphide?

    1. Oh my God, it’s so odd that you’ve asked this, because my next post is about farts! But not brain farts… alas. However, if there was anything you ever wanted to know about the other kind stay tuned. It drops today (pun intended)!

  2. So happy you’re back! Good on you for giving the entertainment site a go and even more so for realising that it wasn’t working out and making the change to something you know will work 🙂

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